Chairman Hu Xiaolian Met with Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Ndagijimana Uzziel of the Republic of Rwanda


  Chairman?Hu Xiaolian held talks?with Ndagijimana Uzziel, Rwandan Minister of Finance and Economic Planning in Beijing?on 24 June. The two sides exchanged views on current and future cooperation.?


  Minister Ndagijimana stated that?over the years, China Eximbank’s?financing support has?significantly promoted the?economic?and social?development?of Rwanda. Rwanda is keen?to further cooperation with China within the FOCAC framework?and implement the outcomes of the 2018 FOCAC Beijing Summit, particularly in such sectors as industry, agriculture, and infrastructure, and explore?opportunities in?on-lending cooperation?between the two governments. With?debt?remaining?at?low levels?and?a more enabling business environment?in recent years, Rwanda welcomes more investment from?Chinese enterprises.?


  Chairman Hu Xiaolian welcomed Minister Ndajimana for attending?the Coordinators?Meeting on the Implementation of the Follow-up Actions of the FOCAC Beijing Summit. She noted that?China and Rwanda enjoy great potential for bilateral cooperation. China Eximbank?stands ready to?step up collaboration with Rwanda in?such sectors as?industry and transportation,?explore opportunities?in intergovernmental on-lending?loans?and commercial loans, and actively support Chinese enterprises in?investing?in Rwanda. Rwandas favorable business environment and low debt level have been well recognized by the international community. The Bank?is willing to?join Rwanda’s efforts in maintaining?debt sustainability?and support the?all-round?economic and social development of Rwanda.??